{How to Get Voluminous Hair}

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We live in time where the status quo is constantly being challenged and rules are being broken. Take fashion for example… people used to follow strict “do’s” and “don’t” in the fashion world, but not anymore! And if you’re looking to date, you’ve probably turned to online apps rather than meeting the old fashioned way. Bottom line is, things are just done differently now. So here’s an idea for you – have you ever thought to change up your hair-washing routine and condition your hair before you wash it?

The TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Collection is designed to give you that soft, touchable volume we all crave. This is the first hair-washing system designed to be used in reverse and I think it’s brilliant! First, you condition your hair to soften it, then you shampoo to wash away the weight. Makes total sense right? As someone who’s been seeking voluminous hair my whole life, I just had to put this system to the test!mme beauty full volume collectionmme beauty full volume collectionStep 1: Pre-Wash Conditioner

  • I absolutely LOVE this conditioner. I definitely wasn’t expecting it to be as softening as it was. I’m used to using a pretty heavy hair masque in place of a conditioner for my damaged hair and this ran through my hair just as easily and made my hair feel just as soft!

Step 2: Shampoo

  • This shampoo has the perfect amount of lather. Although I like the scent, I wish it were not quite as strong smelling.

Step 3: Hair Maximizer

  • I’m a big fan of polishes like this. You run a dime-sized amount throughout your damp hair before you blow dry and it really helps smooth the hair cuticle and hold your style.

Step 4: Touchable Bounce Mousse

  • This stuff is fabulous! I’ve used one too many hair mousses in my day that leave my hair crunchy and hard to comb through, so it’s nice to find one that doesn’t leave my hair stiff or sticky.

Step 5: Flexible Finish Hairspray

  • I don’t like to use a lot of hairspray, so this flexible hold hairspray is a nice one that gives just enough hold.

mme beauty full volume collection

My first thought when hearing about reversing your hair-washing routine was “why hasn’t anybody else thought of this??”.  And after using this system and can honestly say I don’t know why it’s taken so long for someone to come up with this revolutionary idea, I’m just glad they finally did! Using these products gives me the volume I want without having to damage my fine hair with back combing. If you’re a a volume seeker like me, I dare you to#ReverseYourRoutine with the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Collection!

mme beauty full volume collectionTo learn more you can watch this super cute video with Chrissy Teigen or go to tresemme.com!

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