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I have learned first hand as a hairdresser that one product just doesn’t work the same on all hair types. I have my go-to hair products that work great in my hair, but when I try them in other people’s hair, they just don’t have the same effect. Being able to customize your hair care routine is SO important, which is why I have been loving a brand called “ShampYou“!

ShampYou Review

Traditional haircare companies typically have a shampoo for “dry hair” or “fine hair” or “color treated hair”, ect. But what do you do if have dry hair AND fine hair? Another issue you may run into is using the correct shampoo for your hair type, but but not liking it’s scent as much as the shampoo for another hair type (this has definitely happened to me!). Here’s how ShampYou works and why it’s such an innovative way to concoct your own shampoo!

Step 1: Choose Your Base Blend

Choose 1 of 4 scented base blends to get started.

  • Juniper & Mint
  • Ylang Ylang & Bergamot
  • Mimosa & Jasmine
  • Lemon & Verbena

I have the Juniper & Mint but would love try the other scents (the Juniper & Mint is a little too “earthy” for my liking). I think it’s cool that the scents are very unique and not traditional shampoo scents. The base blends are enriched with essential oils, Vitamin E, Pro Vitamin B5 and are also free of Parabens and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

Step 2: Choose Your SuperSerum Shots

This is where the customization comes into play. There are 8 different SuperSerum shots available and it’s recommended that you choose 2 based on your hair type. I chose the “Hi Definition Blonde” and “Turn Up The Volume” Serums because I have blonde hair and am always looking to add more volume.

Step 3. Add Up to 2 SuperSerum Shots & Shake Well!

ShampYou Review

Step 4: Follow With Conditioning Rinse

There is only one conditioner available from ShampYou. The scent is “Cashmere & Lily” and I LOVE it! I always comb conditioners through my hair and leave on for a few minutes before rinsing.

ShampYou Review

ShampYou reviewShampYou Review

The biggest benefit I have noticed while using this product is that I do get much more volume in my hair by adding the “Turn Up The Volume” SuperSerum shot. I love the ability ShampYou gives me to customize and target my specific hair care needs!


Thank you ShampYou for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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